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Minimum equity investment amount as individual investor

Total Equity Needed $1,470,000


Funded                                6.8%

Open until                01/20/2016

Location               Los Altos Hills

Ann. Return                 30%-55%

Term                              21-24 mo


Approx. weighted average ann. return on originated investments

Total Equity Needed $850,000


Funded                                 47%

Open until                12/31/2015

Location                    Menlo Park

Ann. Return                 37%-43%

Term                              12-15 mo

Total Equity Needed $4,000,000


Funded                                 25%

Open until                01/20/2016

Location              Mountain View

Ann. Return                 32%-34%

Term                              30-36 mo

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Crossvine Capital creates a new way to invest in and raise capital for real estate and high-tech companies. Using the power of technology, we bring together investors and real estate/tech companies in one simple marketplace. By reducing costs and increasing efficiency, Crossvine helps investors earn better returns and real estate/tech companies raise money faster.

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