About Us

Crossvine Capital is a next generation Internet-age private equity firm focus on high quality, high yield real estate deals and hi-tech ventures. We provide a new platform that revolutionize the way capital are raised, categorized, managed and deployed. By improving the efficiency in sourcing deals, calculating the cost of capital source and matching them with the most suitable capital, it minimizes the cost of money and as a result increases the overall rate of return on equity. 


We are a team of individuals that are specialized in residential and commercial real estate projects and start-up companies in the Silicon Valley.  Our team consists of experienced private equity financer, commercial banker, real estate broker, real estate developer, VC, high-tech veterans with years of experience in both large tech companies and startups. We have a combined 30 years of industrial experience in private financing and over 25 years in hi-tech field. We also have a large network of 30 plus advisors from finance, real estate, hi-tech industries in both US and China.

Our Team

We are a team of highly experienced real estate professionals who focus on finding high quality private real estate investment deals in targeted areas.  Our backgrounds encompass real estate, finance, technology and design.

Henry Fan

President/Managing Director

Henry has over 18 years of experiences in high-tech industries at various capacities, combined with 10 years of real estate investing experience. 

Toby Xu

COO/Managing Director

Toby has over 15 years of experiences in high-tech industry and he is responsible for executing and implementing company strategies.

Anthony Spitaleri

Director, Corporate and Partner Affairs

Anthony is responsible for Crossvine's LP and strategic investor and capital relations. He is also key member of strategic deal engagement and M&A team.

Tyler Rorabaugh

Principal, Technology Ventures

Tyler is responsible for angel investors and VC partnership, hi-tech ventures deal evaluation and venture portfolio management.

Bing Wei
Chief Strategy Officer

Bing is responsible international business strategy and partnerships and US-China Cross border engagement strategies. 

Song Gao

Marketing Manager

With an architecture/design background and real estate experience, Song focuses on Crossvine's business development and its presence in the USA and other countries.