Cross Border Business Financing

Chinese business firms and their networks of personal and business relationships, are becoming increasingly important players in the global economy. Chinese capital are also increasingly looking for diversification and participation of global economy. China has recently become the second largest economy in the world. As the Chinese economy matures, the domestic growth rate slows down. And the large amount of capital built up throughout the hyper growth stage of Chinese economy is unable to obtain the same rate of return as it did before and the strategy of hedging and diversification is inevitable. 



Many traditional Chinese industries which have enjoyed large growth and profitability in late 90's and early 2000's are no longer sustainable. With huge amount of capital on hand, the owner and management of the businesses are seeking ways to upgrade their business through new technologies and infrastructure. 





Recently, with more exchange between China and western countries in academic and human capital, the technology innovation and development in China is also growing exponentially. There are a lot of capital poured into technology incubation, angel and venture capital investments. All are seeking for good technologies, products, people and businesses. 





The demand from Chinese business for cross border market expansion, product licensing, joint venture, strategic partnership, investment in exchange for long-term customer base and industry upgrade and M&A has grown and will continue to grow rapidly. 


Most of these business transaction require some form of capital and finance. Through our network of partnerships, Crossvine is positioned to provide bridge and other financing for the cross border business engagement. We use capital partnership and our partner network to enable business transactions.