Real Estate Debt Fund

Investing in real estate debt is generally much safer than investing in real estate equity.  Real estate loans are secured by deeds of trust deeds recorded against the property and amount of the loan is fraction of the value of the property (its “Loan to Value” or “LTV”).  Therefore the borrower’s equity in the property serves as a buffer to protect the lender.  Annual cash on cash returns of 8% to 11% can be obtained from properly structured loans. 


Real Estate Debt Investment Options
Investing  Safely without Volatility in Real Estate Backed Debt
Individual Deed of Trust 

Investment secured by a single trust deed/loan providing limited diversification.



  • 8-11%  Yield until Trust Deed pays off. 0% Yield until replacement Trust Deed found.                               

  • No Diversification: Loan is to one Borrower; Loan is on one property if loan defaults no income

  • Minimum investment $100k +

  • Prepare 1099 for Borrower

  • Liquidity only when trust deed pays off or matures. 12 -36 months


Realty Fund - Debenture

Investment secured by a segregated group of trust deeds/loans for diversification. 



  • Up to 8.0% Yield. Ongoing monthly payment regardless of Trust Deed pay off.

  • Diversified Investment: Loans on many properties; Loans with many borrowers; Continuous Payments

  • Minimum Investment $25k

  • 1099 Tax Reporting 

  • Liquidity : Five or Three year Maturities or can blend maturities.

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