Real Estate Equity Fund

Investing in real estate equity can generate significantly higher annualized returns than real estate debt.  The annualized returns can range from 15% to 25% or higher.  The array of opportunities presented on our investment platform give investors a choice of reviewing properties in all stages of their development.  Investments presented may include opportunities to participate in ground up construction, renovation of an existing structure, or the repositioning of a property.    The key component that we look for in each real equity investment is to “add value” to each property.  Execution of the “Value Added” investment strategy includes the following elements:
  • Deploy capital in residential or commercial properties predominately located in primary markets that demonstrate a history of job growth with an emphasis on markets that have a high barrier to entry.
  • Originate real estate equity participation loans allowing passive Investors to take a profit and/or equity interest as part of their compensation.
  • Purchase non-distressed or distressed residential or commercial properties outright or with qualified developers or institutional co-investors to add value in a manner that is consistent with a pre-determined investment strategy.
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